#2 PHP MySQL Server side Web Development Duckett Jon

PHP MySQL Server side Web Development Duckett Jon
PHP MySQL Server side Web Development Duckett Jon

Learn PHP, the programming language used to build sites like Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress, then discover how these sites store information in a database (MySQL) and use the database to create the web pages.

This full-color book is packed with inspiring code examples, infographics and photography that not only teach you the PHP language and how to work with databases, but also show you how to build new applications from scratch. It demonstrates practical techniques that you will recognize from popular sites where visitors can:

Register as a member and log in
Create articles, posts and profiles that are saved in a database
Upload their own images and files
Automatically receive email notifications
Like and comment on posts.
To show you how to apply the skills you learn, you will build a complete content management system, enhanced with features that are commonly seen on social networks.

Written by best-selling HTML & CSS and JavaScript & jQuery author Jon Duckett, this book uses a unique visual approach, with step-by-step instructions, practical code examples and pro tips that will teach you how to build modern database-driven websites using PHP.

Jon Duckett is the world wide best selling author of HTML CSS Design and Build Websites and JavaScript JQuery Interactive Front End Web Development His have sold more than copies in English and been translated into languages His nicer way to learn features a high visual breakdown of code and concepts LifeHacker called JavaScript jQuery the most elegant visually engaging you can learn JavaScript from When he s not writing best selling Jon has spent the last years designing and building websites for companies ranging from small startups to globally recognized brands

PHP MySQL Server side Web Development Duckett Jon
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