#1 My Urohs Kihleng Emelihter

My Urohs Kihleng Emelihter
My Urohs Kihleng Emelihter

The first collection of poetry by a Pohnpeian poet, Emelihter Kihleng’s My Urohs is described by distinguished Samoan writer and artist Albert Wendt as “refreshingly innovative and compelling, a new way of seeing ourselves in our islands, an important and influential addition to our [Pacific] literature.”

Emelihter Kihleng was born on Guam and has spent much of her life moving back and forth between her native island of Pohnpei Hawai i Honolulu and Guam She has an MA in English Creative Writing from the University of Hawai i at Manoa and spent the past year living and teaching ESL in Pohnpei Federated States of Micronesia She currently resides on Guam

My Urohs Kihleng Emelihter
Publication date: December 28 2013
Language: English

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