#1 Stay With Me Cunsolo Jessica

Stay With Me Cunsolo Jessica
Stay With Me Cunsolo Jessica

In the sequel to her riveting debut, She’s With Me, rising star Jessica Cunsolo brings us the dramatic continuation of a romance that always defies the odds . . .
Amelia Collins finally finds happiness in the arms of Aiden Parker, who accepts her for who she is—even when their pasts become hopelessly entangled in their present and threaten to completely unravel their futures. As Aiden’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit and struggles to keep his family together, Amelia fights a battle of her own: how to tell Aiden she needs to leave.

Determined to put real life on hold for just a little bit longer, Amelia and her friends leave the chaos of King City behind for a beach house and holiday celebrations. Still, it’s only a matter of time before close quarters reveal their secrets and Aiden fully understands the awful truth about the man pursuing Amelia.

Amelia knows she can’t outrun the painful memories of the past and killer’s obsession with her. Her beloved friends are in danger, and she will not let them be harmed. Overwhelmed by love but haunted by fear, Amelia must decide if staying with the person she loves is worth risking his life.

Jessica Cunsolo s young adult series With Me has amassed over million reads on Wattpad since she posted her first story She s With Me on the platform in The novel has since won a Watty Award for Best Teen Fiction and has been published in French Spanish and English The story is also in development for TV with Sony Pictures Television Jessica lives with her family and dog Leo just outside of Toronto where she enjoys the outdoors and transforming her real life awkward situations into plotlines for her viral stories You can find her on Twitter AvaViolet on Instagram jesscunsolo or on Wattpad AvaViolet

Stay With Me Cunsolo Jessica
Publisher: Wattpad Books December 1 2020
Publication date: December 1 2020
Language: English

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